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Celebrating A National Movement

This Year’s Events Will Take Place At NC3 Leadership Schools In-Person.

Just as we value athletes who commit to play a college sport, the signing day ceremony is designed to honor students who are entering a technical field and emphasize the importance of their career choice.

On April 18, 2024, high school students, parents, instructors, administration, counselors, industry partners, potential employers, local and government officials and the local media will come together in-person at participating NC3 Leadership Schools to share in this special day.

Students will join their peers to commit to their future technical program pathway and sign a Letter of Commitment to attend their school of choice once they have completed their high school career. It is truly an exciting and emotional moment for everyone involved.

Individual signing ceremonies at each participating school will be held on the same day and tied together by live simulcasts from NC3’s central media hub. This allows anyone who is unable to attend and those who are just curious to share in the moment with all of the students. Truly an inspiring moment for all!

If you are an NC3 Leadership School and you would like more information about how to participate in 2024 National Signing Day, please contact Ashley Adams at ashley.adams@nc3.net or call (760) 782-5923.

If your school is not yet an NC3 Leadership School but you would like to participate in this upcoming event, please contact Hannah Peltier at hannah.peltier@nc3.net or call (608) 220-7408.

Moments of Inspiration

Our Participants Share Their Stories

We have a lot of powerful stories to tell about NC3 National Signing Day, and we can’t wait to highlight the moments we shared throughout the years. Be sure to come back to this page as we add school, students and partner stories about how National Signing Day has made an impact in their lives.

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